Surprising Uses for White Vinegar

From cleaning to gardening, white vinegar is a miracle product. White vinegar deserves a special place in your pantry.

Here are the different uses of white vinegar:

  1. Window cleaner
  • White vinegar will bring your windows cleaning game to another level.
  • All what you need to do is to mix equal parts of white vinegar and water.
  • Apply to windows with a sponge.
  • Wipe clean using a squeegee.
  1. Clothes rinse
    Vinegar can remove dingy soap and detergent residue in clothes just by adding 1 cup of white vinegar to the final rinse.
  2. Removing stubborn stains :
    For removing stains like ketchup, mustard, coffee, grass, and underarm deodorants, spray a little white vinegar onto the stain before laundering.
  3. Gardening
    White vinegar is used to kill weeds. It can also help cut flowers stay fresh longer.

As an alternative to expensive and harsh cleaning chemicals, white vinegar is a miraculous product.