Incredible uses of wood ashes you never thought of..

Do you heat your house with wood fire? Well, before throwing it away, Here’re some interesting ways to use wood ashes.. Keep reading!

  1. Shine silver Wood ash is an effective silver cleaner. All what you need to do is to add a bit of water to a small amount of wood ash and clean the tarnished silver.
  2. Odor removerWood ash can help absorb bad smells around the house.
  3. Stain RemoverWood ash creates an effective stain remover. Just mix 1 cup wood ash with ½ cup warm water and gently wipe the paste on the stained on clothing or furniture and let it set for 5 minutes before wiping away the paste.
  4. Slug and snail repellantCreating a circle of wood ash around crops is a great way to get rid of slugs and snails.
  5. DesiccantWood ash absorbs humidity. Besides, it prevents mold from growing in your house.

I think that throwing away this useful material is wasteful, isn’t it?