You will never hold in your farts again after you read these lines.

When it comes to passing gas most likely you will get embarrassed or ashamed, but if fact you should smile instead because farting, and despite its unbearable odor, is still a sign for a healthy body.

Here’s why farting is good for your health:

  • It reduces abdominal pain: holding the gas in can cause abdominal pain so if you let the gas out, you will prevent intestinal distention and keep your gut healthy.
  • Helps you identify food allergy: lactose intolerance for example is an allergy that leads to excessive gas so in a way, you can determine allergies only by noticing how your gut interacts with certain foods
  • Serves as an indicator for a healthy gut: the characteristics of farts can help you predict certain health issues through different symptoms such as extreme odors.
  • It can help you balance your diet: it is through the frequency of gas passing that you can determine what foods to consume and what food your stomach needs, and it may indicate foods that you may be over-consuming.